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Nickel & Dime Your Way To A Better Looking Website With Our Easy To Use Graphics ...Now You Can Look Great And Keep More Money In Your Pocket!
"Some of these graphics can easily go from $7 to $97 when ordered you can GET AMAZING GRAPHICS AT GARAGE SALE PRICES!

If you still haven't gotten around to using professional graphics on your websites, now's your chance. Whether you haven't had the money to invest or you just don't think they're that important...I have a solution that eliminates both those excuses. What's the solution? GARAGE SALE GRAPHICS!
So what exactly are GARAGE SALE GRAPHICS?
Over the past year, I created 7 info products and minisites. During that process, I created a lot of graphics for use in those sites. Not to mention some graphics I started making for a graphics package that never got finished! Yes, even I can get side tracked and lose my focus, but aren't we all guilty of that?
To make a long story short, I recently blew the dust off my hard drive and cleaned it of miscellaneous files and folders. That's when I stumbled across this collection of cool graphics that I totally forgot about! Some were made custom for my minisites and some were from graphics I started and never finished.
Now you can take advantage of my "slacker" attitude and grab my "GARAGE SALE GRAPHICS" PACKAGE! This collection of professional images will improve the look of your website and convert more of your visitors into customers.
Stop looking like you just started marketing online yesterday!

Make your customers feel safe and secure with a clean appearance!

Portray yourself as an "authority" and improve your image!

Give your current site a facelift and make more money!

Put new graphics on an old site and re-launch it!

Use our mini-site templates for your next project and save time!

Here's some of the cool graphics you'll get with this package...

(Resolution will be higher)

(Resolution will be higher)

(Resolution will be higher)

Download Buttons
(Resolution will be higher)

(Resolution will be higher)

(Resolution will be higher)

(Resolution will be higher)

Video Skins
(Resolution will be higher)

Video Squeeze Templates
(Resolution will be higher)

(Actual sites will be 700 pixels
and resolution will be higher )

WAIT!....You also get these

Graphical Opt-In Box Collection
We all know how important it is to build your list right? Graphical Opt-Ins help improve your image and entices the visitor to opt-in for your offer! Once you have this secret weapon on all your opt in pages, you'll be unstoppable! You get them all absolutely free...SEE THE WEBSITE HERE

Assorted Sales Page Graphics Vol. 1
Get 44 more graphics with this volume! Make your web page look like a million bucks by adding these stunning graphics to your next project. $7 VALUE FREE!

Assorted Sales Page Graphics Vol. 2
Volume 2 gives you even more cool graphics for your website. With this assorment, you get to choose from 81 various style graphics! Now there's no excuse for having a crappy site anymore! $7 VALUE FREE!

When you say yes to Garage Sale Graphics, you not only will have a better looking website, but you will notice an increase in the amount of sales you get without an increase in traffic. Simply put, Garage Sale Graphics will help you convert more of your visitors into customers.
You want your visitors to feel like they can trust you right? You want them to feel comfortable so they'll stay at your site longer right? You want them to buy your products or services right? Well...then it's a no brainer...YOU NEED GARAGE SALE GRAPHICS.
Say Yes To Garage Sale Graphics Today And Say Goodbye To That Ugly Website Forever!
It's decision you want to keep that same ol "amateur" looking site and be content with the sales you're getting or do you want to make your website look "damn good" and start raking in the cash? Think about can you look like the "authority" if your site looks like it's back from 1995? Garage Sale Graphics will.....
Make your website look 1000 better!
Make your visitors feel safe and secure!
Make you look like the authority!
Make you more money!

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