D.H. Lawrence´s Greatest Love Stories

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D.H. Lawrence's Greatest Love Stories
Meet D.H. Lawrence (11 September 1885 2 March 1930), one of the most important literary figures in the 20th century. He was also one of the most reviled and misunderstood during his time.
His works earned him many enemies and he suffered persecutions from his critics for the most part of his life.
His works were banned by the church. He was called a pornographer by his detractors with one critic lambasting Sons and Lovers "the dirtiest book that he had ever read".
But how true were the allegations about his works?
Compared to contemporary fiction, D.H. Lawrence's works would seem extraordinarily tame and cultivated. D.H. Lawrence would certainly gasp in horror if he has lived to see today's literary standards!
If anything, D.H. Lawrence's works are the key texts of Literary Modernism. His depictions of Love and Sex are merely exercises of artistic freedom - an expose about the realities of life.
This collection of 3 of his most famous works, Aaron's Rod, Sons and Lovers and Women in Love in pdf ebook versions are among the most famous and most important of his works.
Sons and Lovers is probably his first masterpiece. Sons and Lovers is a story of a budding artist, named Paul Morel.
While his descriptions of sex in this book were shockingly frank for the period it should not obscure the fact that Sons and Lovers is more of a vivid portrayal of the provincial life of the working class in his times.
Incidentally, Sons and Lovers is D.H. Lawrence's most autobiographical work. Modern Library named it one of the of most important novels in English Literature in the 20th Century.
Aaron's Rod is a story of Aaron Sissons who trapped in a loveless marriage decides to go to Italy in hope of getting recognized as a musician but along the way met an aristocratic lady whom he had an affair with.
Women in Love was a sequel to D.H. Lawrence's The Rainbow (1915). Women in Love is a continuing story of the Brangwen Sisters, Gudrun and Ursula Brangwen. The story was set in Britain and through the snows of the Alps at the time of the First World War.
Like his two previous works, Women in Love caused an uproar due to its sexual content. One critic called it..."here is dirt in heaps festering, putrid heaps which smell to high Heaven."
Women in Love is eventually adapted into film in 1969 starring Oliver Reed and Alan Bates. The film, Women in Love, eventually won the Academy Awards.
Summing it up, these three novels Aaron's Rod, Sons and Lovers and Women in Love are not pornography, but are rather towering artistic expressions of a literary genius who did not live to see his works appreciated by the literary community.

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