How To Succeed With Women Without Really Trying

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How to Succeed With Women (Without Really Trying)
Not since How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying has an author written such an outrageously funny book.
In How To Succeed With Women, Shepherd Mead—"the Machiavelli of the Boudoir"—tells you all that you need to know (and as much as we dare to print) about being irresistible to women.
From the time your first sap of manhood rises until you have broken in a series of slavishly obedient wives, Mead's book provides hilarious advice—and it really works!
"Hip, hilarious... for the male's private library."

The author realizes that this book could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. It should be used only by those who bring with them a good, serviceable set of morals.
We cannot pretend to supply you with character. You must bring that with you. This book will show you how to use it.
It is intended solely to save you, the human male, from the many pitfalls, mental, physical, and sexual that lie in your path, and to save you from yourself, too.
It is hoped that you who follow those stern precepts will be of greater value to society, and of greater comfort to the women to whom you are so dear.
A Word to Women

Though this book is addressed frankly to men, we are permitting its sale to women. We hope it will be valuable as a guide in helping men help themselves.
As a woman you may not at first think that men need help in helping themselves. You will find to your surprise that most men are only too grateful for every helping you give them.

Book Excerpts:
How to Help Your Mother Help You
IN YOUR very cradle you will be told that there is nothing like a mother, and of course this is true.
Your mother will be, in a sense, your first training ground. She will be your first contact with the female sex. Study her carefully. The lad who learns early how to get around his mother has made a fine start.

Luckily we live in an enlightened age, one in which child psychology has replaced the more vigorous methods of raising children.
However, even today it is not always safe to assume that your mother has a book on child guidance. If she does not, by all means supply her with one. 
Many fine volumes have been put out in paper covers and can be bought for a few cents. They are within the reach of any child's allowance, and are an excellent investment. 
Best not let your mother know who bought the book, if you did. Try this method:
"Mommy, why did Daddy bring this book home?"
"Oh, did he, Davie?" {She will pick it up.) "Well, well. Daddy brought it, did he?"
{Then of course you will have to speak to your father.)
"Daddy, why did Mommy bring this book home?"
This will cause a little harmless confusion and will guarantee a careful reading for the book.
Though they come in many colors and sizes, you will find that these books are all built around one premise: the child is often misunderstood, but never really bad. Punishment merely causes resentment and injures the relationship between child and parent.
Encourage this point of view. You will find that no matter what you do, you have done it for a deep-seated reason, and it wasn't your fault. In fact, the book will show that it was your parents' fault. There is no such thing, you will discover, as a bad boy.
"Charles, I don't know what to do with little David! He's been putting frogs in the deep freeze again."
{Or whatever experiments you may have been carrying on.)
"Well, shall I get out the old belt?"
"Charles! It says right here—mischief is often a symptom that the child feels unloved and unwanted!"
"Why, you underlined it yourself!"
"I didn't."
"Well, someone did. I think we should do something nice for Davie."
Besides making life more bearable for you, these books will help you to keep your mother well adjusted. A mother who is uncertain, who feels at a loss for the right thing to do, is not a mother you will be proud to show to your friends.
After a while, as your mother becomes more confident, you can branch out into all sorts of activities. The more complicated you seem to her, the better.
Be a challenge to her.

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Foreword 7
1. The Sorry Plight of the Human Male 9
2. How to Help Your Mother Help You 13
3. How to be Irresistible in Short Pants 18
4. The First Sap of Manhood and How It Rises 23
5. Beware of Hasty Marriage 29
6. Be Well-Rounded 39
7. Why Marry? 49
8. How to Select the First Wife 53
9. How to Train the First Wife 58

10. How to Keep Your Wife in Love with You 64
11. The Dream House and How to Avoid It 19
12. How to Handle Money in Marriage 90
13. How to Save Money on Your Wife's Clothing 96
14. How to Select the Second Wife 105
15. Conceiving Can Be Fun 108
16. Get to Know Your Baby 113
17. How to Handle Women in Business 118

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